Our Vision

People can freely connect with the world without losing control of their personal information.

New tech unicorns won't exploit
personal data; they'll have none.

We stand by our values.

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No Assumptions

Facts trump opinions, try to get the root of a problem, use first principle thinking, obtain focus.

Growth Mindset

Have courage to actively seek opinions of others, celebrate creative abrasion, challenge yourself.

Deliver Simple

Identify the smallest unit of value that can be shipped toward a certain goal, create adoption, reduce risk and don’t overthink.

Stay Well

Empathise with customers, look after yourself and treat others as family, eat well and exercise.

The Founding Team

Joshua Marriage Pip
Pay With Crypto, Not Your Privacy.

Joshua Marriage

Co-founder at Pip and Business Development Lead at Veil.

Previously Global Spokesperson for CloakCoin and founder of Atlas Analytics.

Hacker Noon contributor, privacy advocate and international speaker at events such as Anarchapulco.

Personal Data Is Not a Dirty Commodity.

Matt Collis

22 years product management and growth experience across the full stack of internet industry (TCP/IP, security, online marketing and sales).

10 years experience as Founder and CEO of  SaaS startup – Glasshat (AI-driven recommendation engine). Sold to Dreamscape (ASX:DN8) June 2018.

Technology innovator, entrepreneur and privacy advocate.

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