People choose convenience over privacy, so we're making privacy the more convenient choice with Private Instant Payments.

Private Instant Payments Checkout

PipCheckout alpha

The easiest way for merchants to start accepting cryptocurrencies without compromising privacy or paying 3rd party middlemen.

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Crypto doesn’t need to ‘Cross The Chasm.’ We need help climbing out.

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Don't settle for 'almost adoption' where a 3rd party intermediary is trusted with your crypto project's progress and customer data.

No merchant fees,
no hidden nasties.

Pass through all the benefits of decentralised peer to peer crypto payments at no cost to the merchant. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

people only instant payments

Coming Soon: PipCheckout beta

Installing Pip will revolutionise merchant websites with an
enhanced checkout experience that puts the customer first.

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Forms are finished,
bots are banished.

Pip does away with checkout forms, embraces emerging payment standards, and makes sure only humans can make purchases.

Recreate the in-store,
real-time romance.

Give your customers a level playing field for every product release, with Pip's web payments plugin. #DemocratiseTheDrop

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