People choose convenience over privacy, so we're making privacy the more convenient choice with Private Instant Payments.

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Introducing Pip Wallet

Pip Wallet embraces emerging web standards to provide absolute convenience. No more lengthy checkout forms, just
Private Instant Payments.

Crypto doesn’t need to ‘Cross The Chasm.’ We need help climbing out.

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Pip CardShield

Pip facilitates the replacement of sensitive information, such as your 16-digit account number, with a unique single-use authentication token. Meaning you can securely store and use your cards digitally, without exposing actual details that could be compromised.

Pip IdentityShield

No matter how you prefer to pay, rest assured that your identity is safe from being compromised at the checkout. Pip provides randomised identities, email addresses and phone numbers for each transaction, with future provision for anonymised parcel delivery services.

Privacy. Security. Convenience.

Pip card tokenisation (CardShield) works on the major payment networks and the integrated web browser (IdentityShield) supports the latest web payment standards. Future releases will enable Pip as a payment option for instant checkouts on all popular web browsers.


It’s estimated that $3 trillion in eCommerce revenue is lost to cart abandonment each year.

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While a further $3 trillion is lost after the checkout to personal data breaches and exploits.

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Private Instant Payments

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Pip Wallet FAQ

What exactly is Pip Wallet?

Pip Wallet is a digital wallet for storing and spending cards and crypto. It protects your cards from fraud by transmitting authentication tokens instead of your actual card details. It also protects you from identity theft by providing merchants with randomised personal information, not true to your own, without affecting your purchasing experience.

Can I shop for physical goods using Pip?

You can shop for physical goods, but as a user you have to make a choice about where you would like the goods delivered. We recommend private mail options such as PO Boxes and parcel lockers, but if you must use your home address, that’s ok too. At least by using Pip you are disconnecting your personal information from your home address and protecting your identity. We have future plans for a decentralised parcel delivery network built on the same principles as Pip Wallet.